NorteSur Maraton Milonguero Cracow Poland / 18-21.07.2024

NorteSur Idea

we have been friends for many years. Even though we are separated by kilometers and an age difference (yes, Julia and Paco could easily be Michał's parents), we have a deep relationship and a common passion. we want to share this passion with our friends; we also want to integrate the world of tango in a close embrace, which is why we created the idea of NORTESUR - a common space for milongueros from the South and the North. The next edition of NORTE is ahead of us, and soon we will invite you to SUR again.

Julia, Paco, Michał

Venue / Warsztatowa 5

Krakow is the most beautiful Polish city. Last year we chose it for the NORTE edition because, like the Spanish Malaga (SUR edition), it has a lot to offer.

This year we invite you to an extraordinary place - WARSZTATOWA 5 at  Dunajewskiego street 5 in the heart of the city, overlooking the roofs of the Old Town. We chose this place not by accident. We want you to feel the unique Krakow vibe. Historic tenement houses, staircases (don't worry, we have an elevator ;) ), the atmosphere of history and the bohemia of the city.

A beautiful wooden floor, large windows overlooking the roofs of Krakow, professional sound system and excellent ventilation await us. space for dancing and talking.


The center of Krakow offers thousands of accommodation options, from hotels to apartments; we recommend accommodation at the ALEXANDER Hotel, which is located only a 5-minute walk from the dance hall. using the code TANGO2024 our guests receive a 10% discount.

Limited Edition 2024

The event is limited by space. The milonguero style is about a close embrace, but we also want to ensure comfort for all dancers. That's why we are inviting 49 couples to this year's edition.

Agenda 2024

18.07.2024 Thursday

20:30 - 00:30 Milonga Pre-Party / TDJ Guntis Smats (LTV)

19.07.2024 Friday

14:30 Reception desk & welcome shot

15:00 - 19:00 Afternoon Milonga

22:00 - 2:30 Night Milonga / TDJ Martin Almiron (ESP, ARG)

20.07.2024 Saturday

15:00 - 19:00 Afternoon Milonga / TDJ Julia Rivas (ESP)

22:00 - 3:00 Night Milonga / TDJ Francisco Saura (ESP)

21.07.2024 Sunday

14:00 - 19:00 Goodbye Milonga / TDJ Michał Shevchenko (POL)

Milonga After-Party in Cracow (to be announced)


120 EUR / per person
6 milongas from Friday to Sunday (Thursday not included)

hot & cold drinks included, wine & beer (limited per day), snacks & fruits, small sandwiches


Hotel Alexander

Registration is OPEN


Michał / Whatsapp +48793963700 /

Paco / Whatsapp +34653500672 /


what is NorteSur?

is a meeting of Argentine tango dancers who prefer close embrace and adherence to generally accepted rules, the so-called codigos milongueros.

who can participate?

We invite all tangueros who know the rules of "encuentro milonguero" events to take part in the event. Registration is possible ONLY IN COUPLES.

what rules apply at the event?

registration in pairs, gender balance 50/50, separate rows of chairs for leaders and followers in the dance hall, invitations with mirada and cabeceo, maintaining two dance rounds, no tall figures, dancing in close embrace.

what do the organizers provide?

spacious dance floor with excellent wooden floor, professional sound system, space for rest and conversation, facilities (locker room, toilets); food zone with hot and cold drinks, sweet and salty snacks, sandwiches, wine and beer; possibility to bring your own drinks.